What to Barter

OK so your probably wondering how this works, basically- I’m going old fashion & I’ll trade you my services for yours!¬† So I’ve made a list of services or products my family or myself could use! Preferable done before the wedding, or can be given in gift certificate form. I think bartering is not only a great way to cut out the middle man, but also gives us a chance to get to know each other, build trust & a lasting relationship.


Dog sledding- up to $600 value

Flights/Hotel/ Travel points- up to $3500 value ( location dependent)

Heli Flight- up to $1000 value

Hot Air Balloon Flight- up to $1000 value

House Boat rental- up to $3000 value

Hang gliding- up to $500 value

Sky diving- up to $500 value

Scuba Diving- up to $1000 value

Snowboarding passes- up to $1500 value

Hotel/B+B/Cabin Rental- up to $1000 value


Hair stylist services – up to $500

Massage services – up to $1500

Mechanical services- up to $3000

Hoe operating & rental- up to $3000

Tree moving & planting services- up to $4000

Spa + Skin services- up to $1500

Flight Services- up to $4000

Flight Lessons- up to $2000

Travel services- up to $4000

Dental services- up to $4000

Road building services- up to $3000

Chicken/Cow Slandering services- up to $500

Farrier Services- up to $300

Veterinarian services- up to $500

Social Media services-up to $1000

Food+ Animals+ Products + Materials

Trees- up to $2000 value

Organic oats + wheat- up to $3000 value

Organic Seeds- up to $1000 value

Organic chicken feed- up to $1000 value

Organic fruits + Vegetables- up to $1000 value

Non plastic based cleaning products- up to $1000 value

Organic canned goods- up to $400 value

Berry plants- up to $400 value

Steers- up to $3000 value (only able to accept in the early spring)

Sheep- up to $400 value

Chickens- up to $100 value

Work for Work

Up to $1000

If none of these are possible for you, then I offer work for work.

I forward $25/hour towards your package for farm help. Do you know how to weed? how to haul wood? mow grass? crush wheat?  thin out brush? clean chicken coops?

Every spring/summer there are days of work to be done on the farm. If your willing to work – so am I! Come out to farm and work alongside me. It not only helps me with getting my work done, and helps you pay for your wedding. But it also gives us a chance to get to know each other better!