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water couples shoot- MY FAVORITE

If you’ve ever shot with me you’d know I LOVE to convince my couples to get in the water, get a bit drunk or take their clothes off. I promise its not a weird “it puts the lotion on its skin thing”.

Its also not a “shock value” thing either. And I’m never offended in any why when people look at my like I’m crazy when I ask if they wanna take their shirts off and go for a swim.

To be honest, my love for water couples shoot s come from a craving for capturing intimacy and vulnerability.


Skin to Skin contact is a powerful thing. There’s a reason after birth they suggest at least an hour of skin to skin contact. There is something so intimate and beautiful when nothing stands between the touch of two people in love. I find these images are much more powerful then a hand on a sleeve.


I strive to create actual real life face to face relationships with each of my couples. My wish is that the images I take are personal, real and full of emotion. Not made from strictly structured poses and cues. When a couple feel comfortable enough with me to show a level of vulnerability it helps makes the images real & true.

Water Couples Shoot

So with all this being said, what makes a water couples shoot my favorite? Well I have found water, (like booze sometimes) to be a magical lubricate for comfort. There’s something about being in the water that make people feel wrapped up, comfortable in their skin, it doesn’t feel wrong to be exposed when your in the water, wet skin is easier to caress and the water acts as a blanket to wrap you in a cocoon of safety.

You wanna see the Water Couples Shoot now????

Photos By Dallas

And thats why I LOOOOVE Couples water shoots! To see more of my work, you can check out the blog or my latest work is up on the Instagram feed!


Hey I’m interested in a water couple shoot. What would that range & how many pictures are included? Thanks !

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