The Experience you have with me will be written all over your photos




my GOAL Is not only to provide you with true, quality images. But also give you an experience you wont soon forget

These photographs are for you from me.

I have been doing this for a while- and I've heard amazing stories and horrible stories about the effect the photographer had on the day, the couple & the guests.

I've learned- no matter the experience- the photographer you hire will make an impact for good or for bad.

The way I see it, your photos are a story being told by the photographer behind the camera. You need to be sure they are telling the story in a way that is relatable to you. Not to mention, what kind of person are they? Are they happy? Moody? outgoing? quiet? personable? kind? short tempered? introverted? extroverted? excitable? or calm?

Will they respect you and your values? are the kind and respectful towards you?

Now before you can find the right photographer for you, You have to ask yourself...What kind of person do I want to be around all day and all night (if they offer that).

There is no wrong answer here! You need a photographer that will meet your needs! Tell YOUR story the way you want it to be told. So before you book, get an idea of who they are and what the experience will be like being photographed by them! Ask what their process, or their approach to photographing you is!

The experience you have with me will be engrained in those images.

Even though your photographer wont be in the photographs- they'll be a part of that memory. choose them wisely

Now that I've discussed the importance of the experience with your photographer, let me tell you about your possible experiEnce with me.

It all starts with your first message to me

Lets get started

I promise to give you my all

TO be there for you

and to give you the best documentation of your story i can