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Small Wedding- Hill Top Intimate wedding!

Taryn & Joel- Where do I start?

I was with these ridiculously hilarious people all day, & came very close to peeing my pants on several occasions! Covid forced them to change their wedding plans and shrink down the guest list to a small wedding. With all the changes they had to make I’m happy to report that their small wedding was AMAZING. and it was actually perfect.

The day started with the boys- which I learnt so very much about in the hours I was with them- I could go into detail, but honestly- You don’t want to know. Lets just say ” They were the absolute best groomsmen I’ve ever shot. I may have been told to say that… But its also pretty true!

I literally just told them to sit on the couch & they instantly starting cracking jokes at each other.

Then there was this guy!

Headed on over to the ladies at Hill top!

Taryn & her girls set up the most adorable intimate wedding reception area at Hill top.

Champagne time!!!

Taryn had the best reaction to seeing herself for the first time.

Special pearls for something old, Her wedding dress for something new, her moms bracelet for something borrowed & Mom was her something blue.

Then our stunning bride went to have her first look with her groom & exchange their vows.

Some of my favorite things I love about a small wedding is the flexibly in the timeline, the decreased stress & the ability to do small things that are special to you. Like take 10 minutes to have a beer with your dad before the ceremony.

It was raining out, so Hill top set up the ceremony in the tent for them!


Fun fact, this was the pen that Joels great grandma & Grandpa signed their wedding license with!

Grandma made some mask !

It rained!

We ate Taco’s!

Mom did part of her speech in french & NAILED IT!

We snuck out of the dance for a few minutes for “sunset” but not sunset photos!

And then we partied!!!

It was fantastic! I loved it, Taryn said “I’m just so happy” more times then I could count, People cried, people laughed, and laughed, we drank, danced and partied. I cant think of a better small wedding then that! No fuss, just an amazing location, close friends and family & the bets time!

Thank SOOO much Taryn & Joel for having me. I’m so happy I got to platy a small part in your big hilariouly fun day!


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