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Slave Lake Wedding

Alot of people ask me “what’s your favorite kind of wedding?”

My most honest answer would be, when the couple has the wedding their way.

Now I’ve done BIG venue weddings, weddings with planners, back yard weddings, elopements in the woods, 100 person tent weddings, fancy venues, rustic venues, church weddings & mountain weddings.

Obviously I have my one preferences and favorite styles, but when It comes to my favorite weddings, its completely based on “how did it feel?” “Did we have fun?”

Every couples wedding day looks so different & one of the most important things a photographer needs to be able to do it roll with the punches & let the wedding be a wedding. Not an opportunity to do a photo shoot all day.

Now when Kennedy, Scott & I first met, they were planning a larger wedding in British Columbia. How ever- world pandemic happens and they decided to do a fun back yard barbeque wedding! Including the coolest beer pong tables ever!!

So last week I drove up the slave lake for my second Slave Lake wedding!!!

Photos By Dallas

Everyone brought a piece of the meal! & It was delicious!!!

Abby almost lost her dress a few times!!

Scott & Kennedy were married at the beach surrounded by helicopters!!

Afterwards we went back to Kennedys Moms & Set up for dinner

Kennedys grandpa wore a shirt full of her face hahahaha!

There was a WATERMELON cake!

After dinner we went back to the helicopter pad for some shots.

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