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Wedding Photographer- Lacombe, Alberta Engagements

Shenelle + Reed are a couple that Im lucky enough to have met through the fact that well, I get to shoot their wedding!!!! AH I always feel so special when someone books me for their wedding! Its like, waaa? out of all the photographers out there, you picked ME! Oh Shucks! & this year that’s happened 30 times! talk about feeling loved.

Its also stressful! but in a good way??

When I was teaching my “the art of everyday photos” Class earlier this week, One of the girls said that she was so shocked to hear I still get nervous before a wedding, or a new shoot.

Yes, Yes I do! Not in a “I’m scared!” kinda way, But more like a “Ah, What will happen this time? What will I make, How can I make this special? Its a difficult choice to make! Your photographer is important on so many levels. There is no other vendor that you will meet several times before your wedding, spend ALL day with on your wedding & also trust them with the physical memory pf your wedding!

I talk about the importance of finding the RIGHT photographer for you! Someone you can be yourself around, someone you get aong with & can make jokes with, most importantly someone you can trust.

Anyways, lets look at what Shenelle, Reed & I came up with at their engagement session in Lacombe Alberta!

Wedding photographer!

There I said it once, I’m gonna say it again, wedding photographer. I’m gonna be totally honest with you, I don’t type well. I talk a lot and my hands can seem to keep up with my mouth.  There a fancy ass way to write these bloody blogs so that you..the customer gets to see these sick photos and they aren’t hidden in the button of the google dumpster! First thing I have to do is tell you what I do like 6 times. Now how in the heck do you sneak that in without flat out saying.

“I’m a wedding photographer” in Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, Banff, olds, Innisfail,  and pretty much all over Alberta. I also travel the WHOLE wide world taking photos! I’ve shot weddings, elopements & couples in British Columbia, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Costa Rica, Morocco, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, Panama, Bali, Amsterdam, Australia & Thailand.

 Not only do I have to put in this silly introduction that I hope no one reads because lets be honest, it sucks! and I’m rambling, but its the only way I know how to put in everything Google demands!

but whatever Google, I’m onto you.

I can outsmart a Robot!!! I hope!

I also have to put inward & outward links into my blogs, dont ask me why! but whatever I just do as Google say (OM-Gosh now I’m obeying the robots!!)

Heres one link and its to my backpacker elopement page, which is pretty cool and I just want people to look at it cuz I think its sweet, and here is my Wedding Page, just in case my rambling has made you think…This chick is crazy!

I want her to be MY Photographer! Here is another link, this one is for Green Wedding shoes, cuz who doesn’t love a good wedding blog? One written by professionals that are paid to write these blogs instead of a photographer?

But anyways apparently I have to talk more, because Google also wants me to write 300 characters. For frig sake GOOGLE, you really know how to take the fun out of this don’t you!

Also here is a link to the ABOUT ME page! in case you want to know about this crazy person writing gibberish just to get on google!

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