This page is very plain jane.

There are no photos to distract you from what I need to say.

If you are a photographer, or dreaming of being a photographer, and you cant seem to find help. You’ve come to the right place,

I was you.

Years ago when I first started, there was no community over competition. There were no workshops, photographers didn’t do mentorships. 

I had to learn the LONG, HARD way. 

I had to build a business from the ground up.

I had to learn how to shoot, how to work with people, how to plan and schedule, how to do taxes and create websites.

It was really really really hard and I felt defeated for a long time. 

I always said

“When I’m good at this, I’m not going to be an asshole & keep it all to myself, I’m going to help the people that are going through this nightmare”

And thats just what I do.

I still offer regular one on one mentorship days.

I host a workshop once a year.

But my real passion is my mentorship program.

My “college of sorts” its what I always dreamed of doing.

Its a 4-8 week program, where I become your full time mentor. Imagine the information you get from a workshop, but instead of being 3 days- its up to 2 months. 

We shoot together 2-3 times a week, we edit together, we do phone calls, in person meetings and facetimes.

We discuss the in’s and outs of photography, gear, relatability, business, scheduling, taxes, marketing, portfolio building and your very own 2-5 year plan. 

I only take on 2 “students” a year and I offer this service through out Canada. 

 I can come to you- or you can come to me.  Every mentorship program is customizable, so contact me with any questions or if you’d like to apply for 2022.

Tuition ranges $8000-$30,000- payment plans available