My life is an open book...Chapter 4 comes highly recommended

I'm putting all the cards on the table & being 100% honest about myself.

My life and my work, because I request the same honesty from you to document you truthfully

BEfore we get too deep

some humor & facts of life

I am notoriously the worst dressed person in the room


I have ZERO fashion sense. like at all, my clothes are all hand me downs from friends or souvenirs from trips. I own 2 pairs of shoes, one winter pair of rubber boots & summer wedding shoes- and by the end of the year they are so wore out from walking that your can see my feet bursting out the sides. If I'm not at a wedding, I remain barefoot. because I am actually a hobbit....That would explain my absolute obsession with food, round doorways and walking long distances to deliver rings.


I'm a brick house of a hobbit.

I eat....A lot.

But I also do a lot of farm work

All that farm work, lumber jacking and hiking has left me not with a toned body, but internal muscles coated with a soft protective layer of what I like to call fluff. Couple that with 5,4 height causing a low center of gravity...Makes me basically like the strongest hobbit you've ever met.

- no that's not a bikini- its my underwear- because when we stumble upon the ocean, bathing suit or not, I'm going swimming. And I'll probably make my friends go too.

Im actually a Goat whisperer


OK actually a wanna be animal whisperer in general. This all started when I was 6 years old crawling across the farm buck naked leading the kittens and chickens around.

Now that I'm all grown up, I wear clothes often enough and have goats, chickens, cows, cats and a dog to lead around.

I am slowly but surely become the wise old hippy woman I've always dreamed of becoming. We've recently started a custom hobby farming company selling organic ethical foods to people who are tired of the tortured animal meat and chemical coated vegetables for sale at the grocery store!


I honestly don't even know what to tell you- I'm me.

I stand for fairness, kindness, sustainability, honesty and humor

I genuinely like to help people

I think humor is the easiest way to communicate love and build relationship's

I share my life and experiences honestly and openly, with a few exceptions of parts of my life I'm almost ashamed of. In my earlier years I was a different person. I was a spoiled brat to say it plainly. I lost a lot of friends and opportunities in my teenage years because of jealously, self absorption, ignorance & the unwillingness to learn or be gracious.

My early 20's I experienced a lot of growing pains.

Loss beyond words, travel, my family, life experiences, nursing & my husband Paul had a lot to do with me growing into the person I've become today.

With a lot of grace & patience from the people surrounding me I have finally become someone I can be proud of.

My Work

Its difficult to describe my work & my driving force in photography without describing my life. So I hope I didn't bore you to death with the details of my life. So if your still with me- I can finally describe to you what my work means to me. My work is a representation of the person I've become. I want it to be deep, meaningful & bring joy to others. I want to document the details to retell your story over and over in the future. I don't want degrade your life, your story and your wedding to an social media trend.

My story has been long, complicated and full of 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances. I have received so much grace and acceptance from others. I have grown so much with my family & Paul's support, Life is short, painfully, heartbreakingly short. I support love, kindness and appreciation. As for photos- when all you have left in the physical world of a person you love so deeply is photos & video's, They become more precious then any earthly possession.

All I've wanted is to offer my couples- to understand them as people. To treat them with kindness and grace. To document their memories, their people and and treat those images as precious artifacts of days gone by. To capture photos that not only spark a memory, but the emotion they felt.

I care about the experiences we had, the memories we made together- the time I spent immersed inside your life, your family and your wedding.

Because you, your memories, your wedding is so much more then an Instagram post- You are a person, you are human, you and your loved ones are living in a diverse complicated story full of ups and downs and I'm dying to tell you that story. Because if you made it this far- you are my kind of person maybe a person I haven't met yet. But maybe soon.

NOw lets get to the honesty i was talking about



I once sat at a table at a wedding with these adorable 17-19 year old's and one asked me for a piece of life advice. After a few minutes I said "Your gonna go through life just walking along, thinking what you know is right. Joyful and happy because everything is great. Every once and awhile you'll meet a person who seems quieter than they should, they are slower to speak, they seem like they might know something you don't- And that's because they do. They've crossed one, or many bridges in life that you have yet to cross. Something has happened to that person that destroyed them, quite literally killed them. What that was, is different for everyone, but trust me, we all have a bridge to cross. And once they've made it through their own personal hell and once they've crossed that bridge, life looks a whole lot different from the other side. SO when something happens to force a perosn across a bridge, over night, They've been forced to grow into a whole new person. My bridge was the loss of my hero, the man that could fix any problem, The man that no other man could ever live up to, the man that our family needed more than anything. Aug 6 2021 3pm. The day my family that I love so dearly fell apart. The day we lost our everything.


Dallas 2.0

Losing the center of my world has reshaped me, in little ways and in big ways. Dallas 1.0 always tried to have fun, be outgoing and personable. I prided myself on being able to connect with any one, on a superficial level and on a deeper level. While Dallas 2.0 still try's to have fun, be out going and personable, I don't have much time for superficial. I'm tired, I'm tired of society's boundaries influencing us to have empty conversations about nothing.

I crave honesty, I'm tired of the lies- the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we unknowingly tell others. If someone asks me "how's it going?" I want to give an honest answer- I don't want to politely say "good and you?" If I ask you how its going. I don't want the person in front of me to give me a generic answer. I asked because I wanted to know. HOW ARE YOU? what are you struggling with? how are your relationships? why are you stressed? what keeps you up at night? This has also impacted my photography work. Much like in life- I crave honest over all else. I don't want to ask you to fake anything for photos. I don't want societies expectation on wedding photos to influence you at all, I just want to see you. I want to document you as you are. I want a real relationship with you. If you are wanting a professional working relationship with all of the social boundaries in place, you've come to the wrong woman.



Making it here professionally, physically, personally and spiritually has been the work of many. I've been supported in so many ways from my beautiful parents raising me instilling importance of honesty, good stewardship, independence and work ethic. My friends and clients supporting me for years-sharing my name and hiring me to capture their most precious moments, My husband always supporting me through business, grief and sporadic ideas, My business partners bringing value and ideas to the company, My family trying their best to stay strong and supportive for each other. But I have to say the number one reason I'm here and surviving is my GOD. I can honestly say I'm surviving the bridge because of the people that have been place in my life and because of the relationship I have with the GOD that placed them there. I'm grateful to GOD and to all the people in my life giving me hope and making it able to feel joy and love amongst the darkness and grief that comes with this journey.