A letter to your guests

Dear Guests

and bridal party..and who ever else is reading this

A letter to you, guests. I’m writing this because I have been shooting weddings for over a decade and I find that guests underestimate their own importance at a wedding. You are a crucial part of this wedding and first and foremost I need you to know that.

I could go on for days as to why you’re important and what you mean to the couple and that you’ve been chosen to witness their wedding. but that’s not what this letter is about. Just understand you are important, So very important- You’ve been hand selected by the couple to witness their marriage vows and asked hold them to them in the days to come.

Understanding that will be crucial for you to understand what I’m about to tell you. So I’m Dallas and your friends/family have chosen me to photograph their wedding. When I say photograph I mean authentically document their day. And you are a crucial part of that day. So I want to communicate with you before the wedding to let you know that I will be documenting you as well. Now I want to document their day properly and honestly. So my request is that you help me to immerse myself into the wedding, come introduce yourself! or say hello on Instagram or even call or text me if you have any questions or if there is somehting you think I should know before hand!

You’ll see me throughout the day fluttering around taking pictures of absolutely everything. Now to truly document the day in all its actuality it has to be as though I’m a part of the group and at the same time I don’t want to be over influencing the photos. So try and act natural! You’re going to learn very early in the day that that camera might be pointed at you and if you stare at me and smile you’ll see me wave my hand going “no no go back to what you were doing” because you were probably doing something very cool and memory worthy. Even if it was just pulling a chair out for somebody, cuddling a baby or dishing up your plate. If I’m taking a picture I saw something that I thought the couple would want to remember.

So if you’re a camera hater please just play along with me and help me document you within their day. So all that being said and me telling you to act natural and pretend as though I’m not there. Don’t be afraid to ask me for anything either if you want any pictures with your family or if you want to steal me for just a second to get a different shot or you had an idea or you think something is photo worthy please let me know come and talk to me!

I love doing little mini family portraits during a wedding day. The couple loves it too because you’re important to them and any photo of you will be special to them as well. So just act natural be yourself try not to stare right at the camera if you catch me shooting you! and don’t be afraid to let me know if I’m missing a shot or if you have an idea!! I’m always open to all and any ideas and you know the couple better then I do! So maybe there is a family shot or a special person I’ve missed! Also, Just to be honest, I don’t mind at all if you want to take photos yourself! and if your in my way.. I’ll kindly  say “Hey! DUCK!”  I’m excited to meet all of you at the wedding! If you want to see the couples engagement photos, I’ll share some on my Instagram account and make a blog for you to see HERE.

After the wedding I always share the images on my Instagram account and make a blog post HERE if you want to see the day, If you see any photos of yourself that you’d like to keep, you can download them right off the site! If your wanting to get a print or a high resolution copy, the couple has a sharable online gallery or I can send them over to you!

Just let me know!   Thanks so much for reading this! and if you cant find me at the wedding… I’m the one with the camera!!  I’ll be seeing you

-Dallas Olga

A letter to the

Bridal Party Only

So your in the bridal party?? WELL! we’ll be spending a lot of time together then! But you’ll be being photographed more then the average guest! So feel free to say HELLO on Instagram before the wedding, and if its the first time meeting you at the rehearsal dinner or the morning of the wedding, please tell me your name like 3 times, I’ll never forget a face. But I will also never remember a name! So when It comes to photos All I can say id just be yourself! like 100% yourself, I realize it takes time to build trust, but your couple trusts me & I want to photograph the REAL you, so please trust me, and just be your regular self- during “bridal party photos” (If the couple chooses to set aside time for them) Well be doing more candid than posed- So forget everything you’ve done at past weddings- don’t look at the camera, just hang out with your friends, I’ll tell you where to go, but joking around and maintaining a vibe and conversations with your friends is up to you!

I don’t do many posed photos at all and about 98% of the day will  just be me documenting things as they happen. If you have any questions/advice for me or would like to chat message me HERE. Thanks for reading and I’ll meet ya soon!