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Kananaskis Engagement shoot

I met Kenzie & Kyle while they ( like many 2020 wedding couples) were re-planning their wedding due to Covid-19. Unfortunately they have been forced to change their original wedding plans, however I think their new wedding plans at White Lake Cabins sounds amazing!

Seeing’s how they are having their wedding at a lake in the mountains, I thought we could get our feet wet & cold (and we did). At a lake in Kananaskis. They brought along Ellie their pup, which is always a fantastic idea!

The shoot went amazing, the couple hilarious, the dog adorable. I was lucky enough I finally go to end the shoot in (kind of) a field I have been wanting to shoot in for years!

The field is covered with no trespassing signs, so we shot form the ditch. but it was beautiful all the same.

So lets check out the photos from this Kananaskis engagement shoot!

TADA!! Aren’t they adorable!!!! Kenzie is going to make the most gorgeous bride!

Thats how an Kananaskis engagement shoot goes! I’m so grateful I have couples like Kenzie & Kyle that drive hours to beautiful locations to get epic photos!

I spend time with every kind of couple! I love them all, each are so unquie and every relationship is so different. In the end the most important thing we need to have in common is love for photos… Otherwise I may drive you crazy trying to get the perfect shot!

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