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A little Info

If you have any concerns or questions or need help with outfits don't hesitate to ask. Once we meet, I will go through a few points and get to know you a bit better, My shoots generally last up to 45mins-2 hours. In my regular sessions I will direct you through out the session when needed, otherwise I will be focusing on the natural connections between you and your loved ones.




How do I prepare for your session??

Couples & boudoirs.... DRINK, seriously. This process is a blast when you can let loose a little! I don't mean get floor licking drunk, but a few a shots to take the edge of never hurt! not a drinker? pick your poison, its legal here! I can pick ya up & drive ya home. You want to do it stone cold sober? That's cool too, be prepared for me to make a total dork of myself getting you laugh though.

Families- WHATEVER you need to make your kiddos happy! naps, a big meal, their blanky? if they aren't listening during the shoot, that's o.k its rare that kids do. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for them, you just focus on giving them all the love. ( a little hint for kids outfits that are amazing, check out her clothes are fantastic & the tones are great for photo shoots

How do I pay you?

Cash, Cheque, E-transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin Its all good, Just remember I have to add GST to transactions

How many outfits do I bring?

If you'd like to bring your ENTIRE closet, That is OK!!!
Bring as much as you want, I go into detail on this page about what to wear, but when in doubt.. bring more!!! we can go though it all together

You do nude shots??

from time to time I'm lucky enough to get a couple that's totally OK with a little bum shot! yes! I like to put them in front of city sky lines or have them jump off docks or cliffs. Not actual NUDE shots..its all about the bums! If your into it, let me know?!

How long until I get my images?

Its so dependent on the time of year & whats going on in my business world at the moment. I try ( even in busy season to have all images sent within the week. If I have a trip or your session landed on the Friday before a big wedding weekend It could possibility take longer. If you need the photos in a certain time frame, talk to me & I will make it happen.

How do I get my images?

I send all files on a site called "Pic-Time" It is an online gallery that will have all your photos, You can download them, share them, your friends and family can download them, you can order books, prints, calendars and much more. You get printing rights to all the images.


What to wear

I know it tough to plan what to wear to your photo shoot, here are a few tips I've put together!

Dress how you normally dress, so you can be as comfortable as possible! Bring stuff you normally wear, stuff that you love and feel yourselves in. An old denim shirt? Perfect. If your dressed like yourself, it will be that much easier to let loose & BE yourself!

Bring a few different options! I’ll pick from what you bring & then you guys can change into different outfits for each location we shoot at.  All you have to do is make sure you bring stuff that you love & feel great in!




Make sure that the materials you wear will keep you comfortable during the shoot not only for temperatures but also for being able to move in. I recommend bringing clothes that are "broken in", that way you will be able to move freely, not worrying about tight jeans or restricting tops. I love when people bring clothing or accessories that can show movement by catching wind,or dragging in the water it adds a cool new movement to the photo & its amazing!

A little skin never hurt

Plan for the conditions and where well be shooting. If we are going to be hiking around, bring shoes with good grip! Heels are almost always a bad idea!  If it’s chilly, bring lots of layers and warm clothes with wool socks and boots. If it’s going to be hot, bring clothes that you won't cook in.  Also if it gets too hot, I'm always down to lose some clothes! A lot of my shoots end up going in to the water, so always be prepared for that!



Color is very important, neutral colors and earth tones are best, but keep it colorful! yellows, browns, greens, reds, deep oranges. Please avoid Neon colors, Logos, or overly bright colors. Patterns play an important role! Someone has to be the canvas & someone has to be the paint! so don't overload on patterns.



Boudoirs are my secret love! making you feel sexy in your skin is fabulous. As always, be yourself. Something comfortable, something you!
One matching bra & pantie set, a one piece lingerie, a cuddly sweater, a loose fitting white tank top, something personal for whom ever your doing the photos for, be creative! Hats, hunting gear, sports apparel, their clothing, blankets, you name it I can shoot it! If you have any ideas or questions please call me & we can make something magic!

Thats it!

I hope that helps you! please send me a photo of your choosen outfit before the session, as your location will also come into place when we choose colors! Every session is different, but I’ve found these general tips are good to go by. If you need help or have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!