you offer planning packages?

YES, A past bride/friend & I have recently started a "off beat" wedding planning company called Dallas Olga Adventure Weddings + Elopements. We offer unique intimate wedding, off grid weddings all experience driven and relationship centered! Check us out

Your FAQ's and answers


What do you offer?

As of right now I am only advertising for destination weddings and smaller sized weddings. If your heart is set on me and I'm available, I'll never say no! I think every wedding deserves the photographer you want & for me to say I only shoot certain kinds is unfathomable, if you want me I want you.

How do your wedding packages work?

I'm an all or nothing kind of girl. If I'm doing your wedding, I'M DOING YOUR WEDDING. I include 2 engagement sessions (this is vital as it is our time to get to know each other & build a relationship). If your wedding is more than a couple hours from my home in Alberta, I like to come stay in the area with you and your guests for a couple days leading up to the wedding so I can capture the entire story as well as get to know your family & friends. I almost always at the very least attend the rehearsal dinner. It helps me immerse myself into your circle.

Wait your there for more then the wedding day?

You bet! most of my weddings are smaller and in the mountains, or at a bed and breakfast, or a camping trip of sorts. I like to do the fun activities with you in the days leading up to your wedding! If were over seas I like to be with you at least 2 days before the wedding, partly so I can document the trip as well, But also to get comfortable with the surroundings. I have a tendency to take a couple of your guests out for a shoot to learn the light in that area before the wedding. Also I like to stay a day or 2 afterwards to maybe do a "day after" shoot with you. The we can go to places we didn't have time to on the wedding day! and we can mess that dress up!

How long till I get my photos? And how do I get them?

This depends on the time of year, if its a wedding or a shoot and just how dang busy I am. But my regular turn around time is 7-10 days for a shoot & 1-3 weeks for a wedding.

You get all your images (about 80-150 for a shoot) & (1100++ for a wedding) on a digital platform called pictime. There you can view, share & download your photos. There is also a lab attached to the site where you can order prints, canvas's, books & more.

In the winter I also design & self order books for my clients that can hold up to 1000 images! They start around $800.

What do your destination weddings look like?

Fantastic haha, like the packages? They are a actually the same price as my Alberta/B.C weddings! If you are off resort, I come and stay a couple days before & leave a day or so after, depending if your wanting to to a day after shoot or not. If where your staying is outrageously expensive to stay or to get to, we usually just have an honest conversation about cost of flight & accommodation, must of the time its all included in the package.

If you are doing your wedding at a destination resort the price is the same! I usually cant stay on resort for that short of time though, so I stay at a near by hotel or B+B.

But if you'd like me to come and stay on the resort with you & your guests, the cost is the wedding package + the travel/resort package, then your entire week long trip is well documented from the airport on! I also do sunset & sunrise shoots for your guests as well!

Do you do video?

YES, I found the more I got into destination photography, the more important it was that I offer video, so the couples are only paying for one person instead of a photographer & videographer. You can add video to any wedding or shoot! I normally shoot alone, to keep costs down & yes I can do it. So many people are confused as to how I do photos & videos simultaneously, but I do! When my husband is able to come with me on a trip its a nice break form the stress of double time work. For my local weddings in Alberta, my business partner comes with me when she can as well. It does cost more to have 2 people though.

My videos are simply an extension of my photos & I shoot video very similar to how I shoot photos. I have a videography page here if you'd like to see some!

Whats Your Why? this wasnt a real question, I just wanted to answer it....

What is my WHY.

I just love it.

I love the challenge photography is, I love how hard and how easy it comes to me, I love the happiness my photos bring people, I love seeing their reactions. I love looking at photos from weddings 2-5 years ago. I love the documentation of life. To tell you the truth, I've had it up to HERE with Instagram & I simply don't give two hoots about it anymore. Your wedding is so much more then an Instagram post. The TRUE documentation of your wedding and your life will be so valuable to you long after Instagram has come and gone. The photos I crave are real interactions, they are about the faces on the people you love, how you looked, how you felt right here right now. Trust me when you look back on these photos 10 years from now these photos will trigger memories you thought you had lost, they will bring back emotions you that felt, photos are so incredibly important to me because they are the key to our past, the igniter of memories and they are the story tellers of our lives.