Its the only thing

In the end

That matters

So you want a family shoot?

Good- that's the right line of thinking.

I can't tell you how precious every since photo of my parents are to me.

That being said, I should warn you.

This session is about your family. Not an Instagram worthy shoot.

We need to go somewhere that you can be in your element, whether that's camping, fishing, quading, hanging out at home, making cookies, cleaning the shop. I DON"T CARE what we do- but it Has to be something or somewhere that relates to your family. A place where the kids feel comfortable to play and run- to show me their favorite spots, a place where I don't need to tell you to sit and look at me- a place where you feel so at home, its like I'm not even there.

$575 -Regular session (1 hour up to 100km travel)

$775 -Upgraded session (1.5 hour, for extended family or travel over 100km)

I photograph in-home DOCUMENTARY FAMILIES throughout the winter months of NOV-APRIL and outdoor sessions in September - They book about 9 months in advance


ADD on video to any family package

Relive the experience

I offer Video add on's to all my documentary family session!


Your Family Session

STEP 1- We need an activity.

Think of something you guys would do together, It can be ANYTHING. I mean anything at all. It just has to be something familiar to you. I find the best, most successful documentary family shoots are when we have some form of activity! 90% of the time - it's in your home, where your kids feel their safest- so think of some regular activities you do together! Dishes? Baking, board games?

Whatever you want! But trust me- this is going to be documentary based and there wont be any- sit down and look at the camera, its just your family, being themselves!

If I’m to photograph you as a family- to see how you interact, how you show affection, how you love. You need to do it!

So when it comes to the day of the shoot, please don’t squeeze me in between grocery shopping & hockey practice.

Let's choose a day that isn’t full of stress & obligation. Please try to spend at least a couple hours or so together before the shoot.

If you're not having fun- don’t be afraid to tell me. We can change it up! I want you to have a good time above all else! I try my best to be as documentary as possible. Meaning I’m not telling you what to do, I don’t want to put you in a “pose” or situation that your uncomfortable in. I want you to interact normally.

STEP 2- Choosing your location.

If you have an activity in mind, you’ve probably already solved this step- but incase your activity doesn’t come with a set location or maybe you don’t want to do an activity & we're going to a beautiful location. I still want it to be meaningful to you. Have you been there before? Is there any significance at all about this location? Is is somewhere you feel comfortable and happy? Maybe its right at home.

Step 3– Choosing your outfits

Now, what you wear will effect the photos dramatically so this is important.

comfort, comfort, comfort- If you are uncomfortable- I’ll know, and you’ll know too. You wont be having your best time because, well, you’ll be uncomfortable.

Wear something you're comfortable in, especially shoes!

Now a general rule of thumb is… the more skin the better. Skin to skin contact is much more compelling then skin to cloth.

If you have an activity.. dress the part, wear clothing similar to what you would normally wear doing that activity.

Its easy to make everyday clothing esthetically pleasing, its all in the color pallet! So choose a pallet & go with it! I find the best looking in photos is earth tones, pastels and denim.

Please avoid- neon or bright colors, logos and the color BLACK.

My clothing suggestions for girls

natural tone t-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, bathing suits, denim shorts, sun dresses, denim jackets, wooly sweaters, long flowy skirts, bare feet or sandals, hiking boots.

My clothing suggestions for boys-

Natural tone t-shirts, no shirts?? denim pants, cargo shorts, denim jackets, Carharts, bare feet, sandals. Keep

My Color suggestions –

Blondes- yellow, white, blue, paisley patterns

Brunettes- Brown, greens, red, yellow, paisley patterns

Red – white, beige, greens

Feel free to have as many outfits as you like! we can go through them together & chose what will work best!