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Family mini sessions are the perfect fit for busy families. When Angie contacted me for this session I was so excited!

Why was I so excited?

I’ve known Angie for a little over a year now. When my daughter started taking the bus she came home one day and said she had met a new friend. She called her, her “bus friend.” It was so sweet. It took longer than I’d like to admit to figure out that her bus friend was Angie’s daughter. Then Kailyr (my daughter) left her library book on the bus one day. Great we’ve only just started the school year and we’ve already lost a book. The next day she didn’t take the bus. Angies daughter, who is a grade above mine, went out of her way to bring Kailyr her library book.

That sounds like a pointless story right, but to me it just solidified the kind of person that Angie is, and the wonderful children she is raising.

I was so excited for our session because I knew her other children would be just as sweet, and of course that meant Mike must be pretty great too. This was true of course.

Photos by Jaycee

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Angie is also all about helping other people.

She isn’t just an open book, she has literally written a book. A pretty great one too. It is called “The Healing Compass.” It is a program to help you find your own path and how to focus on yourself. I highly recommend it and I also highly recommend you check out her instagram page as she is always posting inspiring things.

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We ended up with a beautiful sunset and a beautiful moon.

Her family was such a delight to work with. It was pretty cold out but they were all still laughing and having a great time throughout. As was I.

If you find it difficult to make time for family photos you should definitely consider a mini session as it is only 15-20 minutes long and I make it as pain free on everyone as I can.

If you are interested in hearing more about Angie’s book, check out her WEBSITE.Want to learn more about family mini sessions? Look HERE.

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