Your destination Wedding

Your destination wedding, is more then just a wedding. Its an adventure that you and your closest loved ones are investing in. Its an experience that you will share together & remember for a life time. My view on destination weddings- goes much deeper then just the wedding day. I want to immerse myself into your group to capture your trip, your wedding & your adventure. When you choose to have a destination wedding, you are signing up for so much more! You will experince so much more! and I want to document the entire experience. Not just for you, but with you!

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When choosing a photographer...

ask these 5 things


I'm not into trends.

I'm into steadfast and true.

True documentation never goes out of style.

I'm not a hype girl.

I'm a photojournalist.

And from the very beginning, I'm at your service.

I'm not going to miss the tiny beautiful

moments that happen between you and your loved ones.

I'm not going to ask you to pretend, pose or fake anything.

There is no need-You are enough just as you are.

I want the truth

not another trend

What to expect of me

How can I tell you what it means to me that you're here?

I have been documenting weddings for 13 years, and it brings me so much joy in life.

I love to travel, and have spent months of my life backpacking and photographing in many countries, So destination weddings are the collision of two of my life's greatest passions. I offer not only the photography, but assistance in the planning process.

I run a secondary company for planning intimate adventure and destination weddings.

No task is too big, no request is unfounded, no suggestion is a bad one.

I will never tire of trying to please you, trying to document your trip, your family and your day, and mostly I will never tire of getting to know you and your loved ones through a lens.

If you choose to bring me into your life and along with you on your destination wedding, I promise not to disappoint.

I promise to be there for you with any and all the wedding and travel related questions,

To guide you through this journey.

To thoughtfully and creativity document your wedding, your guests, your adventures, your laughter and your tears.

Know that these memories are as important to me as they are to you.

I want you to know, that you can trust me.

I want you to know this is more then a job to me, this is my life & my passion.

I will do everything in my power to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your photos, and more importantly that you are more then satisfied with your experience with me.


Lets talk money

Wedding day coverage Plus Day after shoot!

This includes engagement photos & 2 day coverage at your destination. I attend your dress rehearsal to meet your friends and family & to scout out the area. All day & night wedding day coverage as well as an additional "day after shoot" So we can take an adventure together and get gorgeous sunset photos without interrupting your wedding day. With this package I would most likely stay at a near by Airbnb as I pay for all my own travel & accommodations- You will receive 2000+ Images


All inclusive week-long coverage

Do you want more? Do you want your entire trip documented for you and all your guests?

This includes engagement photos & coverage of up to 5 days of your trip! Coverage begins at the airport. I fly with you, I stay at the resort with you and your family, I drink with you, I go on day trips with you and your friends. You name it, I'm there! your entire trip is documented!

Full wedding day & night coverage, and a day after shoot is included as well. We also do a day after shoot and your guests are welcome to sunsets shoots with me as well.

You will receive 3000+ Images.



Second shooter- $1500 CAD (Travel included)

Video coverage for wedding day- $2975 CAD (Includes second shooter)

Video coverage for entire trip- $3975 CAD (Includes second shooter)

If your wedding is on a resort- resort vendor fees may be charged. These are not including in my package, We may be able to avoid them if I stay with you. I am always ready to work with you to get the best deal! After all, I'm more of a guest than a vendor!


Are you INTERESTED in destination intimate wedding planning?

I also offer full planning packages for elopements and weddings under 25 people-off resort experience driven Weddings!

Check out my Dallas Olga Adventure weddings! Where planning, photography and amazing experiences with your closest people meet!


puerto vallarta, Mexico

"I have had Dallas do numerous shoots for me and wouldn’t recommend anybody else! She came to Mexico with us in Dec 2019 to photograph our entire trip and wedding day. Her charisma and free spirit makes you feel comfortable and laughing. She captures the beautiful and raw moments!

Now go see her..."

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"I mean, I can’t think of better people to have as a part of the wedding experience that my wife and I had. We left and got married in Vegas only bringing with us Dallas and Rachel so throughout the day we spent a lot of our time with them. Neither my wife or I like getting our pictures taken but the both of them approached our wedding with so much warmth and ease that we were able to be comfortable and have a lot of fun. I could go on about all the things we appreciated about them but the main thing is that if you’re a prospective client and you’re trying to decide who you want to either take with you on an adventure wedding like we did or do something around here you should consider yourself lucky to have found a group of photographers that won’t just care about their work but care about your full experience as well."

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Cancun, Mexico

"Dallas is an absolute gem of a human! I have known her for 10+ years and she is so genuine and full of life! Her passion for photography truly shines in all her work and she has a true talent for making her clients feel very natural in front of the camera! We are so exicted for her to shoot our destination wedding!"

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Talamanca,Costa Rica

“Dallas & Paul came to Costa Rica with my husband & I in 2019, She really put 100% into helping us plan and achieve our dream wedding shoot. We literally travelled the country with them & I was given so many great options as to where we could do it. The trip itself was amazing, It was like having a travel guide with us the whole time. She was down for anything & had great ideas. Once I did choose a location for our ceremony, It only took a day for her to have everything I wanted lined up. We had the beautiful ceremony on the shores of Costa Rica I had always dreamed of & now we have the most gorgeous photos to remember it all"


My life is documented through yours

My "Clients" are integrated into my life in a way like no other. Our relationship may be short or may turn into a life long friendship including trips around the world, but either way - its real and its honest. My life is documented through yours. I may not be in many photos. But my finger prints are all over your memories, because we created them together.

My accomplishment is not the company built or the photos taken- but will always be the adventures I've had & the people I've loved along the way.

Check me out, it is crucial that we can connect- become friends, so I can immerse myself into your friends and family to document your life authentically from within. If you don't like what you see in me - please, for both our sakes do NOT hire me!