What can I tell you about my couples shoots?

OK, so first things first.

Don't be nervous!

almost every single person I've shot has said to me "we're not photogenic" and its worked out for them. So its gonna work out for you!

Just trust me, follow the instructions below & you have NOTHING to worry about!

My Couples shoots are documentary, natural & focused completely on the way you interact with your person and the atmosphere were in. Every couple is so unique and show their affections so differently, you never know what were going to get!



All my regular sessions are $575 this is about 1 hour shooting & approx. 80 images.

If you are wanting to shoot more then 100km out of the rocky mountain house area and are wanting a 1.5 hour session.

my upgraded is $775

Out of alberta shoots are $775 + FLight cost from yyc

I go into grave detail below -but heres the main points

1-Choose an activity- something you do together.

2-Choose a location meaningful to you

3-Wear comfortable and ascetically pleasing clothing (or none)

(NO BLACK,NEON,LOGOS)-Natural colors and bare feet

4- Be mentally prepped. before the shoot- i need you to be ready to show some love- the way only you can- the best suggestion i can give you is to appreicate them. Before the shoot- think of all the things they do for you and what you'll miss the most when these photos are a distant memory

If you need my help or we haven't chosen an activity or location yet, please let me know though email or call me! 403-396-5201


Here's the info in detail...

Getting ready for your couples shoot...

STEP 1- We need an activity.

Think of something you guys would do together, It can be ANYTHING. I mean anything at all. It just has to be something familiar to you.

Examples- golf, hiking, camping, fishing, dirt biking, boating, paddle boarding, board games, cooking, cleaning, horseback riding, cleaning the barn, yard work, renovations, video games, going to the bar, dancing, road trips, painting, cutting wood, moving cattle, canning, houseboating.

ANYTHING at all! trust me. the activity itself is not important. Long as its something you are comfortable doing together.

IF you can not think of a single thing at all that you do together…

And your wanting to go to a beautiful location and only do photos instead of an activity. listen VERY closely to step 4. 

STEP 2- Choosing your location.

If you have an activity in mind, you’ve probably already solved this step- but incase your activity doesn’t come with a set location or maybe you don’t want to do an activity & were going to a beautiful location. I still want it to be meaningful to you. Have you been there before? Is there any significance at all about this location? Is is somewhere you feel comfortable and happy?

For the couples that feel like they have no activity & no special location, I have a few up my sleeve. But if you have no activity & no location I beg you to give Step 4 EXTRA attention.

Step 3– Choosing your outfits

Now what you wear will effect the photos dramatically so this is important.

comfort, comfort, comfort- If you are uncomfortable- I’ll know, and you’ll know too. You wont be having your best time because well, you’ll be uncomfortable.

Wear something your comfortable in, especially shoes!

No a general rule of thumb is… the more skin the better. Skin to skin contact is much more compelling then skin to cloth.

If you have an activity.. dress the part, wear clothing similar to what you would normally wear doing that activity.

Its easy to make everyday clothing esthetically pleasing, its all in the color pallet! So choose a pallet & go with it! I find the best looking in photos is earth tones, pastels and denim.

Please avoid- neon or bright colors, logos and the color BLACK.

My clothing suggestions for Women

natural tone t-shirts, vintage shirts, tank tops, halter tops, bathing suits, denim shorts, sun dresses, denim jackets, wooly sweaters, long flowy skirts, bare feet or sandals, hiking boots.

My clothing suggestions for Men-

Natural tone t-shirts, vintage t-shirts, no shirts?? denim pants, cargo shorts, denim jackets, Carhartt’s, bare feet, sandals.

My Color suggestions –


Blondes- yellow, white, blue, paisley patterns

Brunettes- Brown, greens, red, yellow, paisley patterns

Red hair – white, beige, greens

Feel free to bring as many outfits as you like! we can go through them together & chose what will work best!

STEP 4- Mental Preparation

This is the MOST important step. If you mess everything else up, this is ALL that matters.

If I’m to photograph you as a couple- to see how you interact, how you show affection, how you love. You need to do it!

So when it comes to the day of the shoot, please don’t squeeze me in between grocery shopping & hockey practice.

Lets choose a day that isn’t full of stress & obligation. Please try to spend at least a couple hours or so together before the shoot.

If your not having fun- don’t be afraid to tell me, I don’t offend easily. We can change it up! I want you to have a good time above all else! I try my best to be as documentary as possible. Meaning I’m not always telling you what to do, I don’t want to put you in a “pose” or situation that your uncomfortable in. I want you to interact normally.

Do you drink? or smoke the ganja? Then do it! Shoots are suppose to be a fun activity together. So if its normal for you to get a lil drunk or a lil high then by all means PLEASE DO! I’ll pick you up and drop you off if you need a ride!

Now for the most crucial information I can give you…

Showing affection doesn’t come naturally to a lot of us, myself included.

So where can you put your mind to make it easier to show affection without being told what to do???

Appreciate your person today- its easy to forget to appreciate everything this person does for you.

How would I act towards this person if they had to leave tomorrow? and you didn’t know if they were coming back?

I want you to recall all the good times you’ve had together.

I want you to study their face and commit it to memory- you will not have this person forever.

I want you to hug knowing- a day will come that they will not be there to hug.

I want you to show your love and affection to this person in a way that feels natural to you. It comes in so many forms.

That’s the best advice I can give you. I’ll try to help you as much as possible through out the shoot, without influencing you too much either.

If you have any questions or what my option on your outfits or would like to set up a ride. Please let me know!

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