engagement couple

Engagement is a funny word But, however, Its is a funny word, your engaged. that normally sounds to me like a fighting thing. “were engaging to war” or Engaging hyper speed, I don’t know! Once again I need to write out a bunch of words about weddings, so that when people look up the word maybe this page might show up! Then maybe those people would like what they saw & maybe they’d book their session with us and then the wedding?!

A new wedding is always so exciting! I want to hear their ideas, where is the wedding? how will they dress? what is their story? Is it something unquiet and crazy? what kind of people are they? will they be fun? will they become my friends? and if they do, what kind of things will we do together?! Its all very exciting!

I’m honestly running out of things to talk about! but that is the truth about how I feel about weddings. I hope all this work actually helps people who are engaged find my page, so they can at least see us as an option.

Engagement photographer & wedding photographer. We do it all! Whttp://www.google.com W Engagement photos!

Your Couples Photographer

Dallas is all about the wild, the weird & the wet! her shoots could be described as sexy-funny, specializing in "in home sessions" and warm sunsets in the lake.

Brittany is much more romantic, sweet and tender. Brit is always ready to make your shoot seem like its right outta the notebook!

Jaycee has an amazing talent of bringing some steam outta all the mama & papas!