Hey! Thanks for checking me out, this makes me feel like I’m making a dating profile… its super weird.

Things about me?

I love my dog soo much, I prefer to puff then drink, but will still join you at the shots table if the mood is right. Family, Travelling & Art are my priorities.

My goal in life is to live little, I don’t want to be rich in money, I want to be rich in experiences. I love the life photography has given me, I always put in 110% into the clients that trust me with their memories. No task is too big, I genuinely want you to be blown away with what I’d do for you.


The direction I’ve steered this company is the perfect example of how I feel about photography & the value I place on it. After 5 years of lead up, 2 years ago Dallas Olga Photography took off with a bang.

This last year I had over 30 weddings and over 100 sessions.

Now I’m looking to give quality not quantity. So I had reach the time in my career where I needed to start turning away clients.

This did not sit well with me, not only do I have a hard time saying no, but I was genuinely concerned about the people I was sending away.  Who would do their photos? Would they be good? would they be affordable? would the photographer bend over backwards to make sure they had a good experience?

Bring in my solution.

Jaycee & Brit! I took these 2 young photographers in & taught them everything I knew. Not only about photography itself, but about how to treat a client, how to make sure that no matter what, they had a great experience.

Now I have the freedom to grow into the specialities (destination wedding and elopement & local intimate weddings)  Dallas Olga Photography has 2 other photographers I know, trained and trust to grow in their specialties!

Because I truly believe that photos are important. That they are valuable.



whats up!?

So you want to know a bit about how I roll?

I’m passionate about photography, My life revolves around my work. If you’re just wanting a photographer that shows up the day of and gets the standard, posed, “say cheese shots”, we might not be meant for each other, because i want it ALL

You’ll have to be okay with me getting all those un-staged moments. The real ones. The ones that you’ll look back at in 30 years & you’ll truly remember the moment. Moments like running through the rain on your wedding day- destroying your hair, the snotty tear filled first look, your Dad’s face scrunching up while tears run down his cheeks as he gives you away, the whole wedding party lifting you up on their shoulders after our 3rd bottle of champagne.
I want to get the loud, the crazy, the quiet, the surprised, the ones you saw and the ones you didn’t.
I always accommodate the grand-mothers & get a handful of “ok …everyone at me, smile!” with the family.
Before you make any decisions, I want you to envision yourself in 10, 20, 30 years from now. Looking back at these photos. What do you want to see?
I want you to be able to feel the memories flooding back, to gaze at a photograph & feel what you felt in that moment.

Lets do this!

Sessions start at 525

Local elopements start at 2800

Weddings start at 4200 (Limited to 15 local weddings per year)

Destination Weddings 4600 ( Limited to 4 per year)




How long till I can expect a response

I try my best to respond to any messages within 12 hours! If in 24 hours you haven't heard back from me, Please give me a call! emails can sometimes not go through.

As well I may be travelling. IN the event that I am traveling with one of my couples I will be unreachable by my regular phone number, but leave a message & I will try to get back to you ASAP.

What kind of services do you offer?

I specialize in Love & Travel - meaning Weddings, Elopements, Couple Sessions, Family Sessions & Boudoir
My "specialty" would be the weirder the better! My passion is smaller more untraditional weddings at abnormal locations

All types of services are available internationally

Do you charge a travel fee?

Every trip is different & every destination is special.
My basic resort wedding packages include travel costs, however if you'd like me to cover the entire week, there are travel charges.

When it comes to my backpacker elopement, most locations do not have travel charges

How far in advance are you booking?

That really depends on the date! I generally book weddings and destinations about 2-3 years in advance

Sessions during high season (may- oct) I'm usually booking about 3-4 months in advance

If you have a date in mind send me a message!

How do I get my images? Can I print them?

Files are delivered with a digital download gallery, The company states they will be up for life, I NEVER trust the internet & can not guarantee they'll be there forver so I strongly recommend you immediately download and back them up ASAP.
Yes! Print release is allll yours. Do anything you what with them!! They are yours! Make books, Canvas's, Calendars, T-shirts! whatever you want
There is a print shop attached to your online gallery, so all the goodies can be ordered there. But if you choose to print them independently, That is totally cool, I DO NOT suggest Walmart or shoppers
Costco & London drugs are good, be sure to notify anyone your order from not to alter the image.
I can not guarantee a high quality, color correct image if its ordered through a company outside of my Pic-time gallery (example- Walmart loves to decrease pixel size and change the color tones)

What do I wear to a session, how many outfits can I wear?

There is a page all about this, see "info" but in short, pack a bag full of 3-5 of your most favorite outfits. Think about where we are shooting. If you want to dress awesome but need some direction, you can always pretend like you’re going to a festival or favorite concert. Hats, blankets, accessories that you love are awesome and make photos really aesthetically pleasing.

one person with some pattern at a time no bright reds, pinks, oranges and yellows. neon colors in general are a bad time.